Our Story

Meet Ran and Omri, the founders and owners of SOMA –

Sports enthusiast, avid listener, and a true spokesperson of movement and therapy.

A certified Osteopath (D.O), a graduate of The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute.

Ran has a vast experience of over 18 years in fitness training, Pilates, prehab, rehab and movement therapy.

Serves as a lecturer of Posture Analysis and Corrective Exercise as part of the Sports Therapy studies at various institutes, including the Siim Campus of the University Sports Centre in Tel Aviv. In addition, served as a lecturer in the Hydrotherapy courses at the Campus Brushim and Medicine training school for practitioners of Integrative Medicine Training Center at the Tel Aviv University Sports & Health Center. Former Head of the the Physical Activity Department Interdisciplinary Center for Weight Management Nutrition and Wellness in Ra’anana.

Graduate of Continuing Studies in Sports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.

Currently a master candidate at the University of South Whales, for MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

As part of his approach, Ran integrates hands-on Osteopathy with cutting-edge Pilates principles.

Body and motion entrepreneur, community creator, and fitness coach

A graduate of Bar Ilan University with an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Following years of hands on experience in the strategic communication world and over a decade of work in management in the public and private sector and high-tech, Omri fell in love with the health and sports lifestyle. Omri decided to retrain and utilize his professional skills to join Ran and establish SOMA.

Omri is a professional Health and Fitness Instructor, FMS certified, specializing in postural analysis and fundamental movement screening. Moreover, Omri is a certified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor. As part of his work method, Omri integrates functional strength alongside the Pilates movement. 

SOMA is a home for trainees and patients, some of whom we have been accompanying for over 15 years.

The founding of SOMA was derived from the realization that today in modern life, technology is found in every corner and so more and more people are spending hours sitting in front of screens, and smartphones and not comfortable enough. As a result of such a sedentary lifestyle, our physical abilities to function optimally in daily life are impaired.

Pilates, Yoga and functional training are all aimed to enhancing one’s capabilities, both in training and in day-to-day functioning. Functional training’s goal is to strengthen our muscles and improve our ability to cope with physical demands, both in daily life and in sports.

Our vision is to expand the range of activities we offer to our community members and expand our community of practitioners. Using the skills, tools, and knowledge gained over the years in movement and therapy, we can combine the best of both worlds. Offering SOMA members with functional movement patterns, focusing on strength work, while maintaining the body core and philosophy of Pilates. We strive to allow our patients and trainees to receive Functional and Pilates training at the highest level, using the top equipment and with the guidance of the top leading professional staff.

Photo Caption: (L-R) Omri Benhanan, Ran Kleinmann
Photo Credit: Misha Pletinsky